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Most commonly asked questions about travel to Iran are answered below


How to get into Iran?

Need to apply VISA through an agency, is more likely to be approved than applying by self.  Simply fill our form for all persons along with their respective details and we will handle the rest. You will be informed of the status.

What are the types of VISA?
How much is visa?

60 Euros

How to book a flight to Iran?
What is the dressing code?
What is the best season to travel?

Spring ( March to May) and Autumn (September - November) 

Is Iran safe?

Iranians like tourists, they say they felt safe and welcomed everywhere they visited. Even walking at night is safe. 

However as a general advice, late night walk should be avoided in any foreign countries unless accompanied by locals.

Is there currency change service?

Yes, at the airport, there is only one exchange service. Commonly changed currencies are Euros and Dollars. 

In the center, Tehran, there are many exchange services for better rates.

Are restaurants closed in the month of Ramadan (fasting month for Muslims)?

No, in big cities and at the center, restaurants are opened for tourists.

Is there wifi in hotels?


Can we take photos with Iranians?

Iranians are hospitable, once we get their permission, we can take photos.