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Oge Tour and Travel Company was established in 1998 in Yazd, Iran as a licensed tour operator by the Iranian Ministry of Tourism. As most international tourists originate from USA and Europe, Iran was promoted in this niche market. We started the first Boutique Hotel in Yazd called Malek O Tojar and after two years, we inaugurated the 2nd one called Laleh hotel. 

"Boutique Hotel" started to be a trend in Yazd as well as other traditional cities across Iran. One of the most positive things happened in tourism industry by this notion was the increase of the night stay per tourist from half a day to 3 or 4 nights stay by having increased the number of beds from 200 to 2800 within three years.

Oge Safari camel tours through desert debut in 2002 and was very successful. Those who came on our camel tours, reckoned that it was a unique exceptional experience.

In successive years, Oge Tour Company expanded by adding air, train ticket and international driver license issuance services.